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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Take credit.

Beware! The following might make one question themselves. On the other hand, it might be too abrasive for those who are sensitive to the questions that will be asked.

Since I was about 17, I would hear people say, “I’ll pray for you...”. To me, it was akin to saying, “The check is in the mail!”. In other words, they didn’t do jack and they weren’t going to either. That one phrase taught me a lesson in human behavior indeed. Please don’t pray for me, send cash; it is far more useful.

A lot of tragedy has happened in the human experience. After much study, I’ve concluded that people need to better understand the option that, the will of people is strong. We all face options, choices each and every day we draw air into our lungs. With choice comes responsibility. If one makes a poor choice, that person gets to pay the price; at least that's what I’ve been taught. I don’t get to hide behind a theory that I get a do over. (Conscience wont allow it. Nor mans' law.) I may be forgiven, but the penalty will be there in some form or another.

I’ve grown very tired of the phrase “It’s gods' will...”. I also question those who go through life with the idea that god gets the credit for the good and not the bad. When in the hell are people going to start taking responsibility for their actions? Not to mention calling god out for screwing up. Where was this god when the hill slid due to the rain; the reign of god was pitiful and weak. All powerful? Then why are people talking about suing people, god can’t be sued last I checked.

I do something that many appreciate and some suggest I get no claim or credit for it because it was gods' will? I do something wrong, heinous, horrific and it is, at the very least, my will...or demonic possession? That is a rigged game if you ask me. It sets people up to forever feel less than. In some circles, that is an abusive, dysfunctional relationship.

I’ve heard and read stories about how god teaches people lessons. OK, well let's look at that for a moment. That really long book tells stories of gods' vengeance that wipes out large sections of a population of sinners. Yet nobody -NOBODY- ever suggests that after a “tragedy” (flood, fire, etc.). Why is that? If it was gods' will, well, then all the victims are sinners? You do the math.

Perhaps with the whole “gods' will” logic, every time there is a mass killing/tragedy/ weather related disaster, it is gods' will/plan to wipe out that section of the population. There is written history of such claims. It is a logical conclusion if the logic is in play. What? No, can’t be? I don’t get it. Stands to reason that some people who have fallen were believers in a faith of some sort. Sadly, faith didn’t protect them from being buried alive. Did it? Where was this god when the hill slid?

The "gods' will" logic leads to the conclusion that god was watching the amount of rain that night in Oso. WA. An all knowing god. An all loving god could never bury the faithful alive, or could It? ("It" being god. I‘m not gender-biased on the concept.)

The tragedy of the recent, massive mudslide in Oso, WA is truly horrific. Some might suggest, of Biblical proportion. People are already making noises that it was, in part, the result of mans' mismanagement of the hillside logging practices. Well how about the enormous amount of rainfall? Where was this god? Was the rain mans' will as well? Was that a result of mans' pollution? (That suggests a climate change argument.) I heard the other day, “It was gods' will...” and that the ever famous cliché that the victims “have gone to a better place”. Yeah? Really? Says who? Humans, that who. I didn’t hear from the shrubs outside the door.

Unless, of course, one thinks that god speaks to us through people. What people, I wonder? And how do they get direct connect with god anyway? Is it a lottery? Because that burning bush just doesn’t seem to have the connection all that often. Many have left messages yet to be returned. Maybe the voicemail is full?

Think about this for a moment: if I said that god speaks to me and I hear Its' word, many would have me committed. Or, I could start a cult and hope for tax exemption. Or, I could use it as a defense for the murder of sinners. Yeah, I’ll hang for it (at least in Washington State ya hang for murder most of the time (unless you’re a cop)).

Americans scoffed at the idea that Allah had anything to do with the attacks on 9/11. They were quick to agree, in their outrage, that those who believe in jihad were obviously insane, religious zealots. How is it any different than those who continually promote the concept, “It’s gods' will...”?

I find it personally insulting to bring god into the discussion of what has happened in the human bungling that has gone on forever. I find it personally insulting to not give credit where credit was, and is obviously due. Take pride in your accomplishments. Take responsibility for your errors. By the way, taking responsibility is something one can take pride in. Knowing that, I’m grateful. Grateful to all those who have crossed my path; yeah, grateful to all. Without you, I wouldn’t have learned these lessons.

My condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the history of the earth. May the world know peace.

Chris J Hutchins
All rights reserved. 


I truly wonder how anyone can expect privacy if they are on the internet. For those of us who grew up pre-interweb, cell/text/ e-mail, we had a certain amount of privacy which is now lost. Lost due to database storage capabilities. Lost due to the ever growing reliance on the electronic format for communications and commerce. Lost due to peoples’ willingness to belch out all the little details of their daily existence without any care who sees it.

I like the idea of privacy (as I’m sure many do). Over the years, I’ve noticed that privacy is often confused with what most might call discretion. Being on the internet and demanding privacy seems incongruent...especially when there is so little use of discretion.

One thing I know about privacy is this: if only you know what you did, then it is private. Otherwise, you have to introduce the idea of trust, along with discretion. When alone with my thoughts, only I know what I’m thinking. If those thoughts spill out on paper or into a computer, they are subject to discovery.

True privacy is a rare animal. I don’t take those all that seriously who clamor about the “right to privacy” as the squabble about it on the web. It is akin to somebody complaining about burning themselves with a lit match.

You want private, stay off the web. Ditch your mobile device. There are other things one can do that go further, that would ultimately lead to living off the grid, so to speak. I don’t think the general population has the desire to live off the grid. There is a certain comfort in knowing those around you and the patterns they keep.

True loners are a rare breed. If one loner pairs up with another, then, of course, they are not loners any more, are they? This elusive thing called privacy, what does it actually mean? Well rest assured it isn’t here. The answer, that is, here on the web. The web reminds me of the old saying... “Those who live in glass houses ought not throw stones.”

There are no secrets on the web. The delete button is great when you work offline on an isolated system not connected to the world. But once the system is connected, the user has invited all the prying eyes to visit, welcomed or not. The once isolated system is forever corrupted. That pesky binary code has a long reach.

Face it: We don’t have privacy now and never actually did. Never underestimate the insidious nature of illusions. They have held nations together for centuries. Alas, illusions are weaker than the truth. As they are stripped away, so will the instability be stripped away.

As L. Frank Baum. wrote... “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Chris J Hutchins
All rights reserved.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meth heads, everyone loses.

A little over a year ago the neighborhood I grew up had a shift. An original owner of a modest house (1000 sqf) died and the house was sold quickly. It happens that it sits next door to the house I grew up in. Yes (the house I grew up in) is still occupied by family members.

The new neighbors moved in and within two weeks I sensed trouble. After about sixty days low and behold the place had been reduced to a dumping ground. There were little kids for the first two months, they have been long gone but the house was filled at all times with people. I saw the pattern heavy police traffic at all hours. People coming and going for those quick visits at all hours. One broke down vehicle after another.

I said it then, these people are either cooking or distributing -possibly both- Meth. At first the locals kind of shrugged and said... “Oh well nothing we can do.” First HUGE mistake.

Now the place is trashed inside and out. The Tweakers are supposed to be out of the place but they come and go still. They ignore the eviction orders. And what does the actual owner of the house say about it? “Oh he’s (Lead Tweaker) is my son he has some problems but it’s not that bad.” Well there is one part of the problem. The biggest problem that took forever to get people to own up to is, “Hey these people are ingesting a chemical that is known to make people very dangerous.” Hence 7 cops with guns drawn at various times. Traipsing thru the neighbors yards. (Uhhh, I don’t like hearing distressed phone calls from my Mother about multiple cops tromping thru her property. Who would?)

I’m asked to tolerate people who are sick. To treat them with kindness. To be understanding to their needs. OK. Well lets flip the script. “If” said sick individual is causing others pain and suffering, to people around them. Tell me again why I should tolerate the sick individual? Much less accept them. How about the needs of those these idiots target?

People know the dangers of Meth. Yet they do it. I suspect that many know going into the first hit that they are playing a dangerous game... Yet they choose to do it. They choose to do it. I faced many choices in my time -still do- yet I choose to not disintegrate my brain with Meth.

To say hey it’s no big deal sounds about as smart as me trying to defend the use of tobacco. I don’t even bother. I know how absurd it sounds. I smoke. It’s bad for me. I still like it, I have no desire to quit, hence I do it. The Meth head is not much different when you break it down. They like the high they continue to do it. Key component here is my camels don’t sizzle my brain into madness.

When will our society go back to treating the rabid diseased animals as threats to the safety of others? When? Why do people wait until things escalate to an out of control situation? If you bring up the rights of the sick individual be advised, I think that is a total cop out. Why? Potential victims of Tweakers have rights also. One is the right to not be a victim.

I’ll be very clear on this point... Tweakers, Meth heads beware I have no tolerance for such behavior. It’s an inexcusable behavior with no excuse what so ever. None. If Tweakers want to sizzle their brains into a paranoid schizophrenic mess, that’s “their” choice. I and many I know chose to not cook our brains. However Mr. Tweaker you are not going to bring your sickness to my front door. Tolerating these people only encourages them. Stop encouraging them with excuses such as “It’s a disease. They have personal issues. They had an unloving home life. Etc. etc. etc.”

Spare me any addiction preaching, such as addiction is a disease. I‘m fully aware of the dogma of Bill W & Friends.

I for one refuse to molly coddle and/ or reward Meth heads behavior with anything such as tolerance and/ or acceptance of such dangerous behavior. So to those who wonder and might be wondering if I have some sort of solution? I do. I wonder if the society has the political will?

Eliminate the need for the black market/ subculture underworld lifestyle. It obviously has not been working. Keeping all the narcotics illegal hasn‘t been keeping all these dangerous drugs from being around. An enormous waste of funding in law enforcement and the prison systems. Keeping these drugs illegal certainly has not kept them out of the hands of minors. The government needs money... Well here it is.

I suspect that there will be an endless supply of people who will gladly continue to consume the chemicals. Why not make bank off of it? Why not let those who think it’s fun or cool go fire up, shoot up, light up or snort up until their little hearts are content. Every generation is and will continue doing it anyway. Drug use and or addiction is not going away. I repeat this simple fact... Drug use and or addiction is not going away.

All rights reserved
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I have ranted about this before.

I know, I know I have ranted about this before... I will attempt to leave out the colorful expletives.

If people would just pay attention to the operation of their heavy objects that roll on wheels well...

Hey douche waffles get off your stupid phone. (sPhone) You might actually get home safely to your silly stick figure group of people you have pasted on your rear window.

When lights turn green that means apply pressure to that pedal under your right foot. You know the one, the narrow one to your right. NOT to continue staring off into space while flapping your gums on your sPhone. (Most likely about how traffic sucks.) You look foolish and cause others to get unruly. Very possible the sPhone is the cause of many a road raging incidents. Ever think of that you maroon?

No you’re not that important, you really aren’t the only person out there on the roadways. I know, that people make excuses for behaving poorly. Let little child have unmatched socks it’s not the end of the world, (we have already passed that date anyway.)

I know I sound very impatient. Well maybe, just maybe it’s because I’m out there as well. No stick figures on the back of my carpool. No cute yellow sign that says “Baby On Board.” I would however sport a sign that says “Live Cargo On Board.” That makes much more sense and is not nearly as discriminating to the rest of the living creatures that are in vehicles. “Baby On Board” is not a pass to drive like an Idget.

Part two... Figure out where you’re going before going. Get some fricken map skills under control so that you can control your heavy object on wheels without having to watching a mini T.V. either stuck to your windscreen, or on the dash. Worse yet a stupid app on the sPhone because you somehow think you can manage to drive while watching T.V. at the same time. You can’t! You’ve just been lucky thus far.

No, no, no. (Shaking my cranium side to side) It is all to simplistic of an approach to think that the self absorbed are even going to take any of the above concerns seriously.

If one must poke fun at this... Might I suggest you do it from your sPhone whilst driving. Yes that might be best.... Better yet! Only copy and paste then share this whilst driving in heavy high speed traffic. “If you really care about your loved ones you will copy and paste this while going over 35 m.p.h.”

Think about it you could be a nation wide famous personality! Your face plastered all over billboards and P.S.A. ads on T.V. about how to NOT drive like an absolute idiot. But hey if you don’t care about others by all means continue just being the anonymous douche waffle you currently are.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The new album is out.

Thanks for the support.

Unicorns are just as mythical as a gun free world.

I'm sick and tired of the term "assault weapon." Why??? I have a club that can kill. If I use it properly I get charged with "assault with a deadly weapon" correct?

Hence the term "assault weapon” defining only certain types of "weapons" is insulting. The wording could eventually apply to any innocuous object. (Of course after a massive contrail checkerboard spray comes down after harp has sent radio, microwaves into the air from Alaska. Then most likely the inquisitors at the FEMA camps, after my relocation would call my teeth a deadly weapon...) Ahh yes you see I digress yet again. Whoops! I forgot I'm using logic in my language, something that most fear mongers don't. Geeezum Crow fear mongers and their twisting of words to fit their unicorn agenda... (Uhhh, that goes for all sides of the circle of mythological believers...)

Unicorns are just as mythical as a gun free world. The president is not in a seat of power that can actually... “Can not” actually threaten your privately held possessions.

Oh! And another thing if you need more than three shots to stop the mythological boogy man, you need to be subjected to “gun control training” because if you miss three times you obviously have no “gun control.” It means you simply suck at shooting. Which makes a very dangerous gun owner, you scare the crap out of people.

You're the idiots that have those pesky little accidents known as "stray bullets." Hey a-hole put leash on those bullets so as to not have any stray bullets, get some fricken gun control, hit what you aim at. If you can't! You don't deserve to own a gun. Gun owners who can't hit what they aim at are a menace to society. If you suck at shooting, please give up your weapon before you shoot somebody's loved one across the street.

If your idea of home protection dictates your need for four clips fully loaded, you suck... on so many levels. You’re the reason people are demanding more gun regulations don’t you get it? It’s your paranoid delusions that keep this ridiculous argument going and going.

Quit living in fear. It just looks pathetic. That goes for everybody.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Good, bad, responsible, irresponsible, too many bullets, not enough bullets, assault weapons, sporting weapons, “A well regulated militia...” One man militia stock piled to the hilt. An armed citizenry will stop tyranny. Less regulation, more regulation, tragedy, self protection. How long would it take to obtain a new gun with a paper trail? How long does it take to obtain a gun in a private sale with no paper trail? Lock them up, trigger locks, keep them loaded and at the ready in the night stand, accidental discharge, planned attacks, post guards, arm teachers, open carry, concealed carry, hydra shock, full metal jacket, hollow point, buck shot, bird shot, Bambi does not wear Kevlar. Shoot to stop, shoot to kill, aim low, aim high, don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes. If you own a gun you’re crazy, if you own a gun you’re prepared, if you own a gun you’re asking for trouble, if you own a gun you’re safe from trouble. I’m not the problem it’s the crazy people that are the problem, I’m different... End gun violence, guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill, if there were no guns we no longer have gun violence, end the violence, end the senseless killings, better mental health background checks. Lone gunman, conspiracy, massive new world order plots. Sue the gun makers, sue the gun owners, (it’s getting near end...) if you own a gun or two or more... Whoopty Fricken Zippity Doo Dah Day. Relax the gun new world order police will not find you.

Exhausting isn’t it... What if all this energy in this circular debate (that will not have a conclusion) was put into ending hunger? Health care reforms? Education? Energy reform? Housing? Or??? How about peace? Your choice.

If you want to argue with me about guns from either side... “Get off my lawn.” I got others things to do with my energy. For starters the birds need something in their feeders.